Residency Charlotte Goesaert

The Whole Shebang

Charlotte Goesaert & Jochem Baelus. Foto Martijn Schipper

Charlotte Goesaert, core producer at DansBrabant since this year, will be working in-house at DansBrabant in April. Together with Jochem Baelus, videographer, composer, musician, she is researching a new kind of documentary: The whole shebang. A filmed account with performative elements in which Charlotte explores the place of autobiographical material in her artistic oeuvre.


In previous live performances, Charlotte already reserved an important place for documentary elements and playing with the camera. Now she turns things around. In The whole shebang, Charlotte explores how movement and the performative body can play a meaningful role in film.

How do you make sure that an intimate story really arrives and also becomes physically inescapable? How then do you best appeal to the imagination? Together with dramaturg Sara Vendrieck, different perspectives and choices of form are explored – on the way to a film that without beating about the bush, without hesitation, names the pain and shows the discomfort.