@ OFFSPRING – SPRING Performing Arts Festival

SPRING Performing Arts Festival is a 10-day international festival of innovative dance, theatre, performance and more in the city of Utrecht. This year, the festival takes place from 23 May to 1 June.
In a special section, OFFSPRING, the festival showcases four making processes for audiences curious about new developments in the performing arts. Experience brand new work; meet, react and exchange with (new) peers, makers and audiences. On 27 May, Ghaliah Conroy will show her new work in a Double Bill with Aina Roca.

27 May – OFFSPRING @ SPRING Performing Arts Festival


In Sunken Works, Ghaliah Conroy points to the Western view of black female bodies. Among other things, she takes us to the human zoos that took place in the Netherlands and Belgium until the 1970s. Switching between soft, fluid and more raw and intense movements, Ghaliah uses the dance form Krump as a means of accessing a certain anger she feels as a result of experiences of discrimination and stereotyping.

Ghaliah Conroy is an emerging dance maker/performer born in Dublin. She comes from a family of artists and has a background in dance, music and theatre that influences her work and creative process. Half Irish and half French Guinean, growing up in two drastically different cultures has given her a unique perspective that has truly shaped her into who she is as a maker.

May 27, 6pm
Location: Het Huis Utrecht Koepelzaal
Entrance: €10,- / €7,50
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