Kristel van Issum

Winterwende | Winter Solstice (UA)

Baroque visions for the end of times

The Baroque era takes place in a broken world, as the Thirty Years’ War has left a haunting void in Europe. “Broken people, devastated earth, dead houses and a dismembered world,” says Egon Friedell. Unconventional art-historical and global political phenomena, grand world theatre where the lines between truth and deceit are blurred, territorial disputes and the ubiquitous fear of the plague characterise an era not far removed from our present time. Right now, Europe faces the challenges of emerging processes of change, migratory flows and a new war on European soil. What if we simply reset our society back to ZERO – AND NOW ALL FROM THE BEGIN?

The winter solstice refers to the shortest day of the year, the longest night, but also to renewal. Looking back leads to the future and also encourages us to celebrate life.

“For me, Winterwende is a choreographic search for the frayed edges of the Baroque era: images of abundance, opulence and festivity – underneath, the slumber of life and death always palpably present. “The anxiety and emptiness of our times, inspired by the condition humaine.”
Kristel van Issum

Choreography and staging: Kristel van Issum, Set and costumes: Gabriela Neubauer, Lighting: Oskar Bosman, Dramaturgy: Thorsten Teubl, Choreographic assistance & mediation: Keiko Okawa

📅 4 May (premiere)
📅 11 & 18 & 26 May
📅 5 & 7 & 12 & 22 June
📍 State Theatre Kassel (DE)
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