Open Club Niek Vanoosterweyck


In our polarised world, an issue is quickly reduced to yes or no, good or bad, black or white. Where is still room to come together? Where can playfulness be found within those rigid frameworks of extremes?
Niek Vanoosterweyck, a 2020 mime graduate, is intrigued by the binary system. The world of zeros and ones.
For his new performance-in-waiting ‘Grijswaarden’, he takes polarisation literally and sets to work with polarising light: a technique that allows you to break down and manipulate light waves. Light and dark. On and off. Together with two players, he works on a space that reacts interactively. Extremes are the only parameter. Do humans and space succeed in entering into a dialogue. Can the interplay become a trio. Will it remain + and – or something in between?

Mimographer – Niek Vanoosterweyck
Players – Nazar Rakhmanov & Sylvie Huysman
Image – Pieter Vandenhoudt
Software: Gertjan Biasino
Technische ondersteuning: titus Duitshof
Lens ontwerp: jurriaan de vos

Made possible by – DansBrabant, Grand Theatre Groningen

During the Open Club evening on October 6, Niek will give an insight into the research surrounding Grijswaarden. We cordially invite you to attend.

Date: Friday, Oct. 6
17.00 – inloop met soep / walk-in with soup
18.00 – show & tell. Bar open after sharing
20.00 – eind van de avond / end of the evening

Location: DansBrabant, Goudenregenstraat 15-06 15-07, Tilburg
Entree en soep: Pay What You Want


Let us know you’ll be there via THIS LINK