Our goal is to guide the choreographers we work with and our future members through a personal process that will strengthen their independent position in the field of professional (inter)national dance by focusing on their unique skills, specific interests and cooperative project structures.

Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann (Hamburg, 1987) graduated BA choreography at Fontys Dance Academy (NL) in 2012. She is fascinated by mankind’s struggle to get grip on existence. By creating systems to control our lives, we end up restricting ourselves. Questioning the definition of reality is the red line in her work. From there Katja is continuously exploring […]

Hilde Elbers

Hilde Elbers is known for her exciting performances in pieces by T.r.a.s.h., Conny Janssen, Itzak Galili and Constanza Macras. In between her busy schedule a dancer she’s been experimenting in choreography with pieces such as ‘Playstation’ (2008) with Jasper Dzuki Jelen and ‘Touch Down’ (2010) at Dansateliers. Not so long ago she decided to devote […]

Sabine Molenaar

The associative imagery conjured up in Sabine Molenaar’s imaginative world elicits an immediate response from her viewers, who readily submit to her bizarre sequences of movements and transformations. Her physical and emotional concentration transports you in a vortex of visual scenes that leave a lasting impression. Sabine’s performances transcend the limits of dance and imperceptibly […]

Guilherme Miotto

The Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Miotto recently won two important talent prizes: the André Gingras Award 2015 and the Stimuleringsprijs Breda 2016. His innovative work is much noticed; as are the dancers he works with. Using his own Instinctive Performance method, he brings the deep subconscious of movement to the surface. Miotto works from the conviction […]

Jan Martens

Jan Martens has made an impressive transition in the last four years, from performer to choreographer. After his study at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, he graduated in 2006 at Artesis Academy in Antwerp and performed in shows by Koen De Preter, United-C, Mor Shani and Ann Van den Broek. In 2009 Jan shifted […]

Jelena Kostic

Jelena Kostić came to the Netherlands to continue her studies after doing classical dance in Belgrade in Serbia. In 2002 she graduated from the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. A few years later a scholarship for Dance Web, UmpulsTanz Vienne led her to the production of performances. Her attention was drawn to choreographical frameworks and […]

Arno Schuitemaker

After studying Aerospace and Aviation technology at the Technical University of Delft, Arno Schuitemaker radically turned his career around and set out on a study of contemporary dance at the Fontys Academy in Tilburg. Since his graduation as a choreographer Schuitemaker composed several pieces for (site-specific) theatres such as Proxemics (2007), ZONE (2008), ANOMIA (2008), […]

Pia Meuthen

Pia Meuthen has been working as a freelance choreographer since 1998 and established her own production company ‘Panama Pictures’ in 2002 to (co)produce her own projects. During the past few years she has worked with several companies including Productiehuis Brabant and Dansateliers. Pia is one of the local producers who has managed to stay in […]