Moving Futures April 21/22 Tilburg

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Moving Futures is the festival where you can experience dance from the latest generation of makers in all its forms. Every evening the festival offers innovative dance in a generously diverse programme. Under the motto: “Tell to inspire”, the Moving Futures makers of 2023 bring performances, installations, lectures and (after)talks to De Nieuwe Vorst! Be surprised by today’s committed, brutal and barrier-breaking dance makers and performers.



–> Teaserwhatchamacallit – Charlotte Goesaert

The performance whatchamacallit is an exhibition of human bodies. Five players use themselves as an object: art object, viewing object, power object, lust object… A performance that is close to the spectator’s house and of which they gradually become part.
During the first day of MFF in Tilburg, Charlotte presents a teaser of the performance with one performer. Later in the evening, she and the other makers conduct an ‘artistic dialogue’ about the stories that are contained in bodies and how everyone shapes them within their own creative practice.

whatchamacallit has a diverse cast. Their disparate bodies are connected TV screens and sound boxes. They use technology as an extra body part through which secrets from their daily lives seep. In an age of constant digital self-profiling, whatchamacallit raises questions like: how do we use our bodies to be loved, to succeed – or appear successful? How do we deal with this objectification of our body and how does that affect our being?

On May 10, whatchammacallit plays in De Nieuwe Vorst.

–> Exceeding digital infoxication – Argil & Hassani

Argil and Hassani grew up together in Suriname. They are well known names in the battle scene; by participating yourself, organizing battles and giving workshops. In addition to their own development in dance, they teach at various dance schools. In Exceeding digital infoxication, two humanoids are created to take over the world. They take you into their world full of endless access to (digital) information, which can also lead to infoxication: information stress, which might make you make the wrong decisions.

–> Even Onions Don’t make me cry – Jefta Tanate & Matilde Tommasini

If logic is my reality
Than my brain is my death
If my heart is the truth
Than my world would crumble
If my hate is my drive
Than destruction is my tool
If my adoration is justified
Than my eyes would be deceived


–> What Lies Beneath – ShELFISH

With What Lies Beneath, theater maker Veerle van Overloop denounces the destructive power of limited and simplistic reporting by our media. Through the fusion of a topical theater text with unpolished dance, a penetrating soundscape, live graffiti and video art, What Lies Beneath gets under the skin. A confrontational docu-performance about major wars and atrocities that do not make the news, the twilight zone between fact and fiction.


–> I have lived everywhere but here – Ashley & Domenik (Pay Attention: This performance takes place before the program starts, somewhere in the public space in Tilburg. More info will follow soon)

Where and when do you feel at home? Can we build a house together regardless of the place? Who decides what this house will be?
I have lived everywhere but here is a nomadic intervention in which a piece of dance floor is rolled out somewhere in the city. Wherever it unfolds, the floor and the inhabitants build a new house for themselves.

–>Yellow Days, yellow haze – Peeled Collective (pause program)

Yellow days, yellow haze is an installation performance about two people who have isolated themselves from a life that was too overwhelming. In a world stripped of all stimuli, they lead a framed and silent existence. When there’s nothing left to do, when we don’t find anyone to talk to – what’s left? With Yellow days, yellow haze, Peeled Collective started an investigation into what happens when all forms of sensory stimulation cease. What do you see, what do you experience, and how do you still physically relate to your environment?
During the break on this second day of MFF, the collective will present a special version of their installation, inviting the public to join them in the stillness.

-–> 3 studies for a self portrait – Simon Bus
A dance performance as a self-portraitSimon has a fascination for ‘the self-portrait’. He has therefore documented his life as a breakdancer in video portraits since his early years. In 2019 he made the solo ‘Self portrait, man on orange floor’. Now he brings the sequel ‘Three studies (for a self portrait)’: a full evening dance performance with three intertwined solos in which he approaches self-portrait art from a dance perspective.

–> Fifty-one/forty-nine – Emma Evelien & Remy Tilburg

A duet about the male and female energy in all of us, and about the changing dominance between the two.Remy Tilburg and Emma Evelien made this duet for the RIDCC Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition in 2021. It was selected from over 400 entries from 62 countries and reached the final. It won the Partnering Award of the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT).

–> Tanten bo t’aki – While you’re here – Faizah Grootens

Tanten bo t’aki is Papiamentu for “while you are here”. With this playful and intimate duet, choreographer Faizah Grootens creates a physical quest for the constantly moving spine and the relationship between synchronicity and individuality. Two people share a personal space, with an undeniable connection. What exists when they are together and who are they individually? In constant infinite movements, the two dancers wave through the performance. But in the end they are not alone, you are there too.