New Core maker

Simon Bus

From January 2024, Simon Bus is connected to DansBrabant as a Core maker. Since 2023, Simon had joined DansBrabant as a PLAN-maker. This collaboration left both parties wanting more! That’s why he is now one of our Core makers for the coming years.

Photo: Renate Beense/DansBrabant

The starting point for Simon’s work is a fascination with the discomfort of daily life. The play between having control and yet losing it again is a recurring theme. Sharp, brutal, and humorous, Simon turns dance forms inside out and upside down. In addition to breakdance as the ultimate inspiration, Simon finds connections with Butoh and in the works of artists such as Albert Camus, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, and David Lynch.

Artistic coordinator Nienke Rooijakkers about Simon: “Simon is a bizarre, extraordinary dancer, with a very unique movement language – open and always seeking exchange with other creators and different working methods. DansBrabant, not averse to bending the beaten paths with a bit of agility, is extremely pleased with the wealth of knowledge and interests that Simon brings.”

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