10 years dance & Dirk

Verhoeven leaves

Lisa & Dirk at their farewell party in Club SoDa © Anna van der Kruis


After 10 years of helping out the most talented and radical choreographers and dancers down South with their productions and practices, at an epic party I recently said goodbye to DansBrabant with our former artistic coordinator Lisa Reinheimer and our former chairman of the board Ranti Tjan.

BIG THANKS to my dearest colleagues at DansBrabant – then, now and forever the best place for dance that isn’t dance -, the amazing choreographers with whom I had the pleasure of working together these years, the photographers, designers, writers, video makers and last but not least: my fellow-marketeers.\

From January 1 on I will be fully ZZP with my company Candyman – DJ, PR & Journalism. I’ll for sure remain committed to innovative art and art criticism, so you’ll surely see me around, in working for Studio Dries Verhoeven, Domein voor Kunstkritiek & PLAN Brabant. Rock on/ dance on.

Part of my tasks – including the edit of this website – will be taken over by my valued PLAN colleague Eugenie Verschuren. For all communication questions and requests regarding DansBrabant and the artists and projects associated with DansBrabant, please email Eugenie at eugenie@dansbrabant.nl .