Jade van den Hout: Odes to Dance

Makershuis sharing

In March 2024, Jade van den Hout will work several days in our studio for her Makershuis Tilburg track. She continues working on her research Cracking the Shell of Dance, an ongoing investigation into the origins of the motivation to dance. Why do people dance?

She started in 2021, where she invited 24 people; family, neighbors and strangers – into the studio for a 1-on-1 dance meeting of one hour. In 2023 she continued with a new season called: A dance to touch the heart. Together with Alison Duarte and Chilton Galimo she looked at what it means to share dance space and create dance space for other people. They worked towards an interactive dance performance where the audience is invited to participate.

Odes to dance
This time she will be working on Odes to Dance, creating three little dance solo’s, collaborating with Chilton Galimo, Monique Beers and Rodney Kasandikromo. Each solo is a short ode or little dance diary of 10 minutes. Through movement and text each person shares their personal perspective on experiencing dance. In this first residency Jade will be working 1-on-1 with each dancer for 3 days.
The process of these meetings will be shared through an informal performance where the solos are presented as a dance route, each ode takes place in another room and the audience is invited to walk from one story into the other one.

This presentation is a first sharing, afterwards the bar will be open in the Club for a drink and aftertalk.

Photo: Cloakture/William van der Voort

Date: Thursday 28 March
17.00 – Start show & tell
18.00 – Bar open after sharing
19.00 – end of the evening

Locatie: DansBrabant, Goudenregenstraat 15-06 15-07, Tilburg
Entree: Pay What You Want