Makershuis Tilburg Residency

Dance performance collective, Peeled Collective will work from February 5 through 16 from their trajectory at Makershuis Tilburg in the studio of DansBrabant.This collective’s performances come from their own vulnerable core and are expressed through physical extremes, humor, gentleness and an interdisciplinary working method. Through their work and the process they engage in, conversations arise where they continually find themselves in a vulnerable position. The work serves as a sounding board to start conversations and look critically at their surroundings in an open way.

During the Makerstraject they focus on the question : How can we make visual art part of a performative work? In this case, by visual art they mean illustrations. They often use this medium to shape their imagination and find it scenographically interesting to think about how they could involve such a static object in something like a movement performance.

Photo: Lilli Weinstein

Makershuis Tilburg is a collaboration between De Nieuwe Vorst, DansBrabant, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Schouwburg & Concertzaal Tilburg and Festival Circolo. Together they form the breeding ground for talent development within the disciplines of dance, theater and circus in Tilburg.