Anthony van Gog

@ Makers Sessies bij De Nieuwe Vorst

During the Makers Sessies at De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg on Aug. 16, maker Anthony van Gog will show another step in his research for his new work crowdkill.

As a PLAN maker in house at DansBrabant and at Veem House for Performance, Anthony will spend the next few years exploring the “selfless body” – the idea that we humans have no fixed core, but that identity forms by mirroring what happens outside of us. Self-development, then, is not so much steadily building up, but a “falling in all directions, without any foothold – a constantly mutating body.” What happens when we uncover this selfless core? When the body no longer has a reference point and can no longer hold onto anything?

For the Makers Sessies, Anthony i.c.w. Boris de Klerk presents a sound installation of heavy bass sounds and ambiguous soundscapes that bring the body into a state of selflessness.

The presentation is a first public screening of the upcoming performance crowdkill that will premiere in December 2023.

Anthony van Gog (born Antwerp, 1996) graduated from the Performance program at the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2019. His work moves at the interface of theater and visual art, making body, sound and space play a game over and over again.

More work by young makers will be on display during these Makers Sessions. Look for the full program here.

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 16
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: De Nieuwe Vorst, Willem II straat 49, 5038BD Tilburg
Entrance: Pay What You Want

Reserve a ticket via this link.