Training class for professionals


Starting January, Alienated is introducing regular training classes of professional performers in and around Tilburg. It is important for the community to stay in shape and to train regularly, therefore Alienated wants to start organizing these classes.

First class January 29 in the Witte Studio of DansBrabant:
9.45 Doors open
10.00 – 11.30 Class by Kelly Vanneste
11.30 – 12.00 time to cool down and talk about the future of the classes

Location: Witte Studio, DansBrabant: Goudenregenstraat 15-06, 5014 AS Tilburg.

Class #1: Kelly Vanneste
Kelly will be diving deep into the art of using and pushing our most essential tool – the body. Kelly will guide you through a series of exercises to strength and use the power/explosivity of our body. It’s about getting the heartrate up and shock the body. Kelly believes that when the tiredness kicks in, you will move naturally and in the right way for your body. It will be combination of floorwork and standing exercises, where go in and out of the floor is a core element.

Price: €12,50.
At the door: €15,00.
In order to sign-up you have to pay for the class! After the class we will send a receipt of it, so you can deduct your VAT. (To help our freelancers a bit!)


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