There is always something going on at DansBrabant. Almost continuously, makers are working in the Witte Studio, in the Zwarte Studio and in the Club.

Residence 6 MAART T/M 7 APRIL
Open Club: 7 APRIL 

Makershuis Tilburg maker Ghaliah Conroy is an emerging dance maker/performer born in Dublin. From a family of artists, she has a background in dance, music and theatre which influences her work and creation process. Half Irish and Half French Guianese growing up with two drastically different cultures has given her a unique perspective which has really shaped who she is as a maker.

Ghaliah Conroy

As a mixed race woman in the contemporary dance world she is highly inspired by social and political issues and feels it important to make work representing different people.
Taking inspiration from the human zoos which took place throughout Europe up until the 70s. Sunken works explores how these public displays of black bodies have affected our relationship and perceptions of the black body, through movement krump and voice. Specifically looking at Sarah Baartman, a woman who was captured and exhibited to thousands for her body type. What effects has this had on black women today? How are we fetishized? How do we heal?
In March, Ghaliah worked as a Makershuis maker at DansBrabant on her research and development.

On Friday 7 April, Ghaliah will give an insight into her research. We would like to invite you to attend this.

Date: Friday, April 7
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Walk-in with soup
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Presentation and talk
Location: DansBrabant, Goudenregenstraat 15-06 15-07, Tilburg

If you join, please let us know via this LINK.