Studio Sharing

On Dutch dance dramaturgy

From April 11 to April 22, dramaturg and Ph.D. researcher Rodia Vomvolou is having a research residency at DansBrabant. During the residency, Rodia dives into her research on unpacking the current positioning of the dance dramaturg through bibliographic, ethnographic, and auto-ethnographic approaches. As part of the fieldwork, she currently focuses on the Dutch field of dramaturgy and in this residency -along with her individual research- she has invited 10 dance dramaturgs to hold a focus group session on questioning and mapping different views on dramaturgical positioning and practices in the Netherlands. The 10: Merel Heering, Joost Segers, Maaike Schuurmans, Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar, Marc Maris, Lara Van Lookeren, Elowise Vandebroeke, Guido Jansen, Nienke Scholts and Jiaxen Chen. Rodia started her residency with 3 days of workshops on dance dramaturgy for young local artists. 

In the studio sharing of April 21st from 5pm30 till 6pm30 at Club SoDa, Goudenregenstraat 15-06/07, Tilburg, Rodia opens her residency process to whoever is interested in an interactive discussion on the position of the dance dramaturg. You will have an insight view into her research and the figure of the dramaturg through conversations and participation tasks, as well as visual material and creative documentation captured by architect Chryssa Georgiou who is functioning as Rodia’s outside eye/body during the residency.