Workshop Talawa Technique

by Thomas Talawa Prestø

In collaboration with Alienated |Performance Art| and Fontys Dance Arts in Context, DansBrabant is organizing a 3-hour workshop by Thomas Talawa Prestø. This will take place on 20 April from 10.00-13.00

Thomas has created his own technique called the Talawa Technique. Talawa Technique is structured approach to Africana Dance. It combines African and Diaspora practices. With a foundation of common positions, placements, and movement qualities, as well as additional movement research phrases to train specific skills and coordination. The Technique offers a unique and empowering way to connect with ancient traditions of African and Caribbean dance.

In this workshop he will focus on the ability to multiply yourself without ever cancelling yourself out. (Selfpolyfication) This will be done through the use of rhythmic play, “Water walks”- balancing water on the head, and a series of other practices that will be shared.

The workshop will also include a talk about the Technique and his vision.

You can read more about the technique here.

April 20th
9.30 Doors open
10.00 – 13.00 Workshop by Thomas Talawa Prestø.
13.00 – 14.00 time to connect and talk
Zwarte Studio, DansBrabant: Goudenregenstraat 15-06, 5014 AS Tilburg.

Online: €17,50.
At the door: €20,00.
Note: Because of the collaboration with Fontys Dance Arts in Context, this workshop can be offered at a discounted price compared to the regular price of Alienated workshops.

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