@ OFFSPRING – SPRING Performing Arts Festival

SPRING Performing Arts Festival is a 10-day international festival of innovative dance, theatre, performance and more in the city of Utrecht. This year, the festival takes place from 23 May to 1 June. In a special section, OFFSPRING, the festival showcases four making processes for audiences curious about new developments in the performing arts. Experience […]

Moving Media Lab

From 3 to 8 June, the Moving Media Lab will be the guest of DansBrabant in Tilburg. This lab will explore the possibilities of new technology, movement and the body within the arts, design practice and science. 14 creators from the Netherlands have been selected for the track, with the opportunity to jointly develop a […]


Alesya Dobysh

Motus Sonus is an interdisciplinary experimental project curated by The Netherlands based artist, dancer and choreographer Alesya Dobysh, in collaboration with electronic music composer Max Frimout. This research project explores the relationship between movement, sound, and space. As part of the Motion Lab opening evening at the Art house of United Cowboys and Urban Dance […]

Makers Sessions – Spring Edition

Makershuis Tilburg X DansBrabant

On 30 May, the second spring edition of the Makers Sessions will take place at DansBrabant! Wander along through Club SoDa, the dance studios or who knows, along the storage or car park, in search of the latest work by young makers. As always, under the guidance of our trusted host Glenn Markesteijn. During this […]

Club Jam #5

By Izah Hankammer & Thijs van Scharen

On Friday, May 3 is the 5th edition of our Club Jam! At Club Jam we invite everyone to our studio to experiment and discover. Everyone is welcome from dancer to musician and from spoken word artist to visual artist. Feel welcome to jam with us or just sit back and watch the beautiful moments […]

Open class #7 Contemporary

May 2nd, Alienated |Performance Art|

Since the beginning of this year, Alienated has organized regular training classes for professional performers in and around Tilburg. The next class will take place on May 2 9.45 doors open 10.00 – 11.30 Start lesson by Maria Fagundez Baides 11.30 – 12.30 Cool down Black Studio, DansBrabant Subscribe before May 1! Contemporary – Maria […]

Kristel van Issum

Winterwende | Winter Solstice (UA)

Baroque visions for the end of times The Baroque era takes place in a broken world, as the Thirty Years’ War has left a haunting void in Europe. “Broken people, devastated earth, dead houses and a dismembered world,” says Egon Friedell. Unconventional art-historical and global political phenomena, grand world theatre where the lines between truth […]

Workshop Talawa Technique

by Thomas Talawa Prestø

In collaboration with Alienated |Performance Art| and Fontys Dance Arts in Context, DansBrabant is organizing a 3-hour workshop by Thomas Talawa Prestø. This will take place on 20 April from 10.00-13.00 Thomas has created his own technique called the Talawa Technique. Talawa Technique is structured approach to Africana Dance. It combines African and Diaspora practices. […]


Me&You: In a Dialogue

Me&You: In a Dialogue is a collective reading performance in which you (the audience) are invited to read a series of 16 letters addressed by ‘me’ to ‘you’. The letters delve in the themes of care, guilt, limitations, motherhood, nationalism, decoloniality and questionable historiographies – looked through the lens of a brown dancing girl -the […]

Jade van den Hout: Odes to Dance

Makershuis sharing

In March 2024, Jade van den Hout will work several days in our studio for her Makershuis Tilburg track. She continues working on her research Cracking the Shell of Dance, an ongoing investigation into the origins of the motivation to dance. Why do people dance? She started in 2021, where she invited 24 people; family, […]

DansBrabant Presents

So You Think You Know Dance

DansBrabant loves to tug and tinker at the boundaries of dance. On Saturday May 11, the only dance house south of the Dutch rivers presents a special ongoing programme at the Verkadefabriek. Scattered around the building are installations, shows, films, performances where the stretchable, fragile body takes centre stage. As an audience, you can wander […]

DansBrabant Present

1-to-1 performance

DansBrabant is ten years old, which is why we treat to surprises at unexpected times. In April, we have something fun in store again: DansBrabant Kado – win a 1-on-1 performance during Moving Futures on 5 and 6 April at De Nieuwe Vorst To be at a live performance is a unique experience. But how […]

New PLAN Maker

Alesya Dobysh

From 2024, Alesya is connected to DansBrabant as PLANmaker. The next three years she will work on the further development of her experimental project Motus Sonus – a project she set up together with composer Max Frimout. Alesya comes from the (Russian) street and club scene, where she developed a love for House Dance – […]

Training classes for profs – 6 March

Alienated |Performance Art|

Since the beginning of this year Alienated has been organizing regular training classes for professional performers in and around Tilburg. After a successful start, lesson 3 now follows. This will take place on March 6 9.45 doors open 10.00 – 11.30 Start lesson by Bai Li Wiegmans 11.30 – 12.30 Club SoDa open Black Studio, […]


With Anuschka Loose & Tijn Heijblom

On Friday, March 1 is the 4th edition of our Club Jam! In this Dance & Jam everyone is welcome, from dancer to musician and from visual artist to circus artist. Feel free to jam along or simply enjoy witnessing the exciting moments that unfold. This edition will be hosted by Anuschka Loose and Tijn […]

Training classes of profs – feb


Since the beginning of this year, Alienated has organised regular training classes for professional performers in and around Tilburg. It is important for the community to stay in shape and train regularly, which is why Alienated wants to organise these classes. After a very nice first class for professionals in January, it is time for […]


Makershuis Tilburg Residency

Dance performance collective, Peeled Collective will work from February 5 through 16 from their trajectory at Makershuis Tilburg in the studio of DansBrabant.This collective’s performances come from their own vulnerable core and are expressed through physical extremes, humor, gentleness and an interdisciplinary working method. Through their work and the process they engage in, conversations arise […]

New Core maker

Simon Bus

From January 2024, Simon Bus is connected to DansBrabant as a Core maker. Since 2023, Simon had joined DansBrabant as a PLAN-maker. This collaboration left both parties wanting more! That’s why he is now one of our Core makers for the coming years. The starting point for Simon’s work is a fascination with the discomfort […]

KOMMA: #32 with Celine Werkhoven

at Park in Tilburg

PARK provides a space for artists to conduct interdisciplinary research, responding to the exhibition. This time, it’s Celine Werkhoven’s turn to respond to the exhibition ‘Rewriting The Future.’ The performance is on Saturday, February 10th, at 3:30 PM. Celine van Werkhoven (1990) describes herself as a dancer, choreographer, and singer with a love for movement, […]

New teammember: Stephan Bikker

Meet Stephan

Since December 1st, we have a new colleague within our team: Stephan Bikker! He’s no stranger; he has been working for a while as a producer and programmer for various circus and outdoor projects, such as Festival Circolo and Festival Boulevard. At DansBrabant, he will be focusing on relationship development and distribution. He collaborates with […]

Training class for professionals


Starting January, Alienated is introducing regular training classes of professional performers in and around Tilburg. It is important for the community to stay in shape and to train regularly, therefore Alienated wants to start organizing these classes. First class January 29 in the Witte Studio of DansBrabant: 9.45 Doors open 10.00 – 11.30 Class by […]

Club Flex

Flex workspaces at DansBrabant

Do you occasionally need a flex-workplace with a table, chair, some human contact and warmth? Then you’ve come to the right place at our Club Flex. Starting in January, we will open the doors of our club to anyone who wants to flex-work. Bonus: We have a massage chair, which you can just use! Want […]

Club Jam 3 @DansBrabant

The Dance & Jam session @Club SoDa Tilburg

On January 12th, we kick off the year 2024 with our 3rd edition of Club Jam. Everyone is welcome to join this Dance & Jam session, from dancers to musicians, visual artists to circus performers. Feel free to jam along or simply enjoy witnessing the exciting moments that unfold. For this festive edition, Izah Hankammer […]


Cracking the Shell of Dance

In January 2024, Alison, Chilton and Jade will spend 12 days in our studio working on A dance to touch the heart, working towards an interactive dance evening/performance where different dance stories and encounters will be shared. On Friday 2 February, they will share their research, followed by the screening of a short dance film […]

Open Club Karolien Wauters

Residency Makershuis Tilburg

From November 14, Karolien Wauters will be working in our studio for several weeks as the creator of Makershuis Tilburg. Karolien graduated as a dancer from the Fontys Dance Academy with a focus on contemporary urban dance. Her individual movement language is based on popping and experimental dance. During her residency at the makers’ house, […]

OPEN CLUB: Ellis van Veldhuizen


On 15 December, Ellis van Veldhuizen (choreographer),together with Wes Broersen (audiovisual artist), Marijn Cinjee (sound designer, composer, and audiovisual performer) and Suzan Stouthart (dancer), explores the current zeitgeist by making image/light, music and dance work together in full equality. To do this, they work with software and sensors, allowing the placement, timing and actions of […]

KOMMA #30 and #31

Jorg van den Keiboom & Nuno Silva

From October 28th to December 10th, the multidisciplinary video installation by Kristel van Issum, Han Stubbe, and Martin Kers will be on display at Park Tilburg. In addition to viewing the video installation, various activities are planned, such as KOMMA. In KOMMA, artists are invited to react to the work on display. The next KOMMA […]

Lecture Christianne Niesten

Focus on Women in Art, a Rewritten History

The installation ‘Catalog of Shadows II’ at PARK features a collection of life-sized female portraits, a composite universe of fragmented and grotesquely magnified, stereotypical female figures in constantly shifting facial expressions, poses, and emotions. As part of the exhibition, on Thursday, November 9th, there will be a lecture by art historian Christianne Niesten titled ‘Focus […]


@ Kunstscene

Kunstscene is Tilburg’s new open studio weekend. On November 11 and 12, Stichting Ateliers Tilburg organizes the second edition which is all about seeing art and showing art. Besides open studios there are also: pop-up shops, exhibitions, films, workshops, live art and demos. The participating artists are closely involved in the organization of the weekend. […]


The brand new Dance & Jam session @ Club SoDa Tilburg

Here it is, the second edition of Club Jam: a Dance & Jam session for and by dancers, musicians, spoken word and visual artists. The opening of the evening will be done by one or more dancers from our network. After that, the session is open and there is plenty of room for anyone who […]


An Attempt To Devise a Democratic Assembly

During this experimental performance, we create our own democratic meeting, sharing our views on democracy and social coexistence based on a script by creator Danae Theodoridou. As participants, you are handed the script at the beginning and everyone is assigned a “role” common in a meeting: the speaker, the listener, the moderator. The script is […]


Sunken Works

Voortbordurend op het eerdere onderzoek naar Human Zoos en het zwarte vrouwenlichaam, werkt Ghaliah Conroy samen met beeldend kunstenaar CJ P.Roxas aan een verkenning van de manier waarop deze publieke vertoningen onze relatie en perceptie van zwarte lichamen door de jaren heen hebben beïnvloed. On display La ‘danse sauvage’ Caricatures with the mask slowly fading… […]


@ Ljubljana

From the European project Performing Gender, choreographer Nikita Maheshwary has been working with 9 women from different districts of Tilburg since 2022. On Oct. 10, part of the group will travel to Ljubljana to show the performance Residu(e) during the International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women.   The International Festival of Contemporary […]


Kristel van Issum, Martin Kers, Han Stubbe, Ulrika Kinn-Svensson

Both DansBrabant and PARK are ten years old this year, and that needs to be celebrated. In this DansBrabant production, choreographer Kristel van Issum, filmmaker Martin Kers and composer Han Stubbe spent two years polishing a new collection of life-size female portraits. The result is a moody universe of moving and distorting images, audio, video […]

Open Club Niek Vanoosterweyck


In our polarised world, an issue is quickly reduced to yes or no, good or bad, black or white. Where is still room to come together? Where can playfulness be found within those rigid frameworks of extremes? Niek Vanoosterweyck, a 2020 mime graduate, is intrigued by the binary system. The world of zeros and ones. […]


at PARK in Tilburg

  PARK, the Tilburg platform for visual art, offers space for interdisciplinary research with KOMMA. On 7 October, Evangelos Biskas responds to the anniversary exhibition ‘X’. Evangelos (1994 GR) is a dancer, choreographer, performer, dramaturg and teacher who lives and works in Tilburg. The nature of the human body is central to Biskas’ creations, which […]

Simon Bus

Six Portraits (première)

New work by the winner of the Innovation Award Dutch Dance Days Maastricht 2022 Exploring and stretching the possibilities of his own nimble body, Simon is increasingly applying it to the bodies of fellow makers. During the Dutch Dance Days, Simon brings together 5 makers from his social media network. An international group of kindred […]

DansBrabant Unpacks

10 years and still going strong

10 years of DansBrabant and still going strong! That’s what we’re going to celebrate. No looking back at what was. Looking forward, we want to share in all the wonderful things that are in our house right now. Together with makers, partners and audiences, we celebrate the future. We celebrate the body. DansBrabant Unpacks! More […]

Club Jam @ DansBrabant

The brand new Dance & Jam session @ Club SoDa Tilburg

On Friday, September 8, the very first Club Jam will take place at Club SoDa, DansBrabant’s one and only living room. Expect a Dance & Jam session for and by dancers, together with other artists (think musicians, spoken word artists, producers and DJs). The opening of the evening will be done by one or more […]

DansBrabant: MOTUS SONUS

Interdisciplinary project @ De Pont museum

On 28th of September, DansBrabant will present MOTUS SONUS, an interdisciplinary experimental project focusing on movement and sound. Location: the beautiful Tilburg-based De Pont museum. In this collaboration, five international artists (Simon Bus, Alesya Dobysh, Max Frimout, NSDOS and Seungwoo Park) investigate the musicality of movement and the physicality of sound, delving into the interplay […]


As part of the European project ‘Performing Gender’ choreographer Nikita Maheshwary started in January ’22 with one-on-one walks with 15 women from different neighborhoods of Tilburg. Under the name ‘37.5 community Tilburg,’ this developed over the months from a community of 19 women to the current core of 9 women. The women, coming from different […]

Anthony van Gog

@ Makers Sessies bij De Nieuwe Vorst

During the Makers Sessies at De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg on Aug. 16, maker Anthony van Gog will show another step in his research for his new work crowdkill. As a PLAN maker in house at DansBrabant and at Veem House for Performance, Anthony will spend the next few years exploring the “selfless body” – […]


Exchange / Interactieve performance test session 21 june

Stuff, services, knowledge, entertainment, nonsense. All day long, people exchange with each other. In society, this exchange increasingly takes on the character of a transaction. Based on an agreement, goods and services are exchanged for money. What if these standardised agreements go away? Or we get somewhere where a different standard applies? Are other modes […]

Open Club Courtney May Robertson


  Courtney May Robertson (Scotland, 1992) is a Rotterdam-based performer and maker. After graduating in 2013, she danced with several makers and companies. Since 2015, Courtney has also been making her own work. Her work usually starts with the body, but spans several disciplines including video, generative art and writing. ‘It is thus not lack […]

The100Hands / Avans / Fontys

Exchange / lecture performance test session + follow-up discussion 28 juni

Stuff, services, knowledge, entertainment, nonsense. All day long, people exchange with each other. In society, this exchange increasingly takes on the character of a transaction. Based on an agreement, goods and services are exchanged for money. What if these standardised agreements go away? Or we get somewhere where a different standard applies? Are other modes […]


Save The Date!

Mark your calendars for a special collaboration between DansBrabant and Makershuis Tilburg. We are very excited to announce that our first-ever Spring edition of Makers Sessies on June 14 will take place at our very-own Makershuispartner Dans Brabant for the first time!! Especially now Club SoDa at Dans Brabant is totally hot and happening #clubsoda […]

Residence Andreas Hannes


  From May 18 – May 21, dancer/choreographer Andreas Hannes will work in-house at DansBrabant on his latest performance ‘SWAY,’ a self-danced, rhythmic and adventurous solo based on a commonly known movement: swaying. In this rhythmic and adventurous solo, Andreas Hannes aims to sway between landscapes, mythical tales, musical timelines and invented histories. Andreas Hannes […]

Open Club Pieter Desmet

My August feels like December

Pieter Desmet began his dance training at the Kunsthumaniora in Brussels and graduated from the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp in 2018. Since 2019 he has been dancing with different companies and working as a freelance dancer. Since 2017, Pieter has been exploring his own multidisciplinary work, with the overarching theme of identity development. Currently, Pieter […]

Residency Charlotte Goesaert

The Whole Shebang

Charlotte Goesaert, core producer at DansBrabant since this year, will be working in-house at DansBrabant in April. Together with Jochem Baelus, videographer, composer, musician, she is researching a new kind of documentary: The whole shebang. A filmed account with performative elements in which Charlotte explores the place of autobiographical material in her artistic oeuvre.   […]

Cancelled due to Circumstances – Open Club with Elisabeth Borgermans

Douleur et Rébellion

Due to circumstances, the Open Club with Elisabeth Borgermans on April 14 has been cancelled. —- There is always something going on at DansBrabant. Almost continuously, makers are working in the Witte Studio, in the Zwarte Studio and in the Club. ELISABETH BORGERMANS Douleur et Rébellion (working title)  Residence: 3 – 16 februari & 3 – 16 APRIL) Open […]

Moving Futures April 21/22 Tilburg

Porgram now online

Moving Futures is the festival where you can experience dance from the latest generation of makers in all its forms. Every evening the festival offers innovative dance in a generously diverse programme. Under the motto: “Tell to inspire”, the Moving Futures makers of 2023 bring performances, installations, lectures and (after)talks to De Nieuwe Vorst! Be […]



There is always something going on at DansBrabant. Almost continuously, makers are working in the Witte Studio, in the Zwarte Studio and in the Club. GHALIAH CONROY: MAKERSHUIS RESIDENCE Residence 6 MAART T/M 7 APRIL Open Club: 7 APRIL  Makershuis Tilburg maker Ghaliah Conroy is an emerging dance maker/performer born in Dublin. From a family of artists, she has […]

Double Bill: Simon Bus & Alesya Dobysh

Portrait, Balder on Blue Floor & Dvoye

Double Bill: Simon Bus & Balder Hansen – Portrait, Balder on Blue Floor & Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina – Dvoye Simon Bus and Alesya Dobysh both come from an urban dance background. Deconstructing elements from house dance, breaking and other techniques they developed a unique movement language of their own. Elements from house dance, […]

Open Club with Ilja Geelen

Residence Makershuis Tilburg

There is always something going on at DansBrabant. Almost continuously, makers are working in the Witte Studio, in the Zwarte Studio and in the Club. Ilja Geelen Residence – 2 to 15 February Open Club: 14 february         When dancer/researcher Ilja Geelen moved to Tangier, northern Morocco, 1.5 years ago, her culture […]


Workshop by Karel Tuytschaever

Three-day interdisciplinary research class by dancemaker and interdisciplinary doctoral researcher Karel Tuytschaever in collaboration with Cinedans, DansBrabant and KAA.

10 years dance & Dirk

Verhoeven leaves

After 10 years of helping out the most talented and radical choreographers and dancers down South with their productions and practices, Dirk recently said goodbye to DansBrabant.

New artistic leader

Nienke Rooijakkers

Nienke Rooijakkers will succeed Lisa Reinheimer in the position of artistic leader as of November 1, 2022. Lisa will become the new director of Dansateliers in Rotterdam as of November 14.

Performing Dramaturgies

Final event Micro Macro

At the beginning of September, all the participants of the intensive workshops in the Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance project of the past two years, both from the Czech Republic and 4 other countries – Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Cyprus – will gather in Prague. They will spend two days continuing to share the […]

Thirty-seven and a half  

Invite to women in Tilburg

Join us every two weeks together with choreographer Nikita Maheshwary in group meetings with other women and take a walk with Nikita through the neighborhood in which you live.



Last fall we went out with an exciting selection of dance talent to reconnect with the environment and each other. See the 11 pop-up performances in the Piushaven in Tilburg shine again in the aftermovie!

Moving Futures Festival

Edition 2022

Moving Futures Festival can be seen in nine Dutch cities! Be surprised by the involved, brutal and barrier-breaking dance makers and performers of today. From March 25 to June 3.

Photo report DANSJACHT/Being There

By William van der Voort

Some highlights in images of DANSJACHT 2021 in the Piushaven in the city of Tilburg. DANSJACHT is part of the perennial Being There research project on dance in public space.

Force 4 & Zuhause

Double bill studiopresentations

DansBrabant is throwing the doors of its studios and bar in Club SoDa wide open again on Thursday April 28 for a double bill of exciting new work in the making!

Studio Sharing

On Dutch dance dramaturgy

In the studio sharing of April 21st from 5pm30 till 6pm30 at Club SoDa, Goudenregenstraat 15-06/07, Tilburg, Rodia opens her residency process to whoever is interested in an interactive discussion on the position of the dance dramaturg.

Unpacking Dance Dramaturgy

A Workshop by Rodia Vomvolou & DansBrabant

What does dramaturgy mean and what forms does it take in the context of contemporary choreographic practice? Upcoming choreographers, dancers, students: bring your projects and apply now!

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance

About the theme of the ten days Tilburg intensive

After a period of distancing and exploring hybrid formats in art, the second part of dance dramaturgy intensive celebrates a live meeting taking place in DansBrabant, Tilburg. It revolves around the chemistry of close exchange among the artists, of blending different procedures and perspectives.

A Preparation for this Stage

Punk Your Spirit by Keren Rosenberg

Dance&Dare Essay during MFF by Axel Andersson (Kritiklabbet, SE). ‘At first, I am not sure if the transmission is grainy, but soon realize that the body is covered in some kind of golden coating.’

Pandemic dramaturgies

An introduction

Read about the small-scale online symposium DansBrabant organised for the partners and dramaturgs in EU-project Micro Macro Dramaturgies in Dance (MMDD) and check out the witty cartoons!

Essay on emptiness

Part 1: Silence

What does it mean to be a human being in a time of pandemic, and can art provide alleviation?

Dancing in Your Shoes

Follow-up to Performing Gender

The DIYS project plan (2021-2023) was positively assessed in Brussels by the Creative Europe committee. DIYS can start this fall and focuses in a European context on developing new working methods in working with local communities.

Dance Films

Ready to Rent, Support an Artist

Watch our growing selection of thrilling and thoughtful dance films from southern choreographers and support these artists by doing so.