Open call: walk along

With Nikita Maheshwary

Thirty-seven and a half is an invitation. A warm and humble invitation to women in Tilburg of shoe size 37½ to walk with their shoe-size twin Nikita Maheshwary.

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance

About the theme of the ten days Tilburg intensive

After a period of distancing and exploring hybrid formats in art, the second part of dance dramaturgy intensive celebrates a live meeting taking place in DansBrabant, Tilburg. It revolves around the chemistry of close exchange among the artists, of blending different procedures and perspectives.

Photo report DANSJACHT/Being There

By William van der Voort

Some highlights in images of DANSJACHT 2021 in the Piushaven in the city of Tilburg. DANSJACHT is part of the perennial Being There research project on dance in public space.

A Preparation for this Stage

Punk Your Spirit by Keren Rosenberg

Dance&Dare Essay during MFF by Axel Andersson (Kritiklabbet, SE). ‘At first, I am not sure if the transmission is grainy, but soon realize that the body is covered in some kind of golden coating.’

Moving Futures Festival

Entirely online

From Thursday the 22nd to Thursday the 29th of April Moving Futures Festival offers new innovative dance in a generous and diverse program that can be seen entirely online.

Pandemic dramaturgies

An introduction

Read about the small-scale online symposium DansBrabant organised for the partners and dramaturgs in EU-project Micro Macro Dramaturgies in Dance (MMDD) and check out the witty cartoons!

Jija Sohn at Bâtard Festival

Online version Lands of Concert

Friday Feb 5th and Saturday Feb 6th Jija Sohn invites you to come on an (online) journey of fantasies, questions and collective care.

Essay on emptiness

Part 1: Silence

What does it mean to be a human being in a time of pandemic, and can art provide alleviation?

Dancing in Your Shoes

Follow-up to Performing Gender

The DIYS project plan (2021-2023) was positively assessed in Brussels by the Creative Europe committee. DIYS can start this fall and focuses in a European context on developing new working methods in working with local communities.

Dance Films

Ready to Rent, Support an Artist

Watch our growing selection of thrilling and thoughtful dance films from southern choreographers and support these artists by doing so.

Studios for rent

Looking for a studio space? DansBrabant has two studios that we rent out for rehearsals, presentations, workshops and shoots. Read here more information per studio.


Reference book 2019

Read the reference book of the International Choreographers Week 2019 here with columns, reports, participant quotes and Dance&Dare-essays! Sign up for 2020!

Motus Mori

Museum of the endangered movement

In 2019 and 2020 Katja Heitmann and her team are working together with arts-festivals and museums, creating a series of choreographic sculptures.

I’ll show you

Dance&Dare SummerSchool

‘All those eyes on her body. All those different eyes, with different thoughts, with different perceptions of looking, of seeing.’

Dance&Dare SummerSchool

To practice togetherness in public

‘I realise, small moments of togetherness have always moved me, especially when they happen between strangers. The way we form temporary units or collectives is very appealing to me.’