DansBrabant is active in creating a positive dance climate in the south of the Netherlands, to show a wide variety of challenging perspectives through dance and to help talented choreographers practise their profession in a robust and independent way, with a sound artistic and conceptual basis. DansBrabant currently collaborates with Katja Heitmann, Corpo Máquina/ Guilherme Miotto, Hilde Elbers, Johnny Lloyd and Sandman/Sabine Molenaar.

DansBrabant focuses particularly on assigning words to dance and encouraging discussion on dance. In this way, we hope to increase the interest in the medium, both in terms of quantity and quality. In this regard, our publications are diversely instrumental and we work together with journalists,a cionados, specialists and literary authors.

Human beings

Essay on Performing Gender Night

I was at the theatre and found myself in a modern-day paradise. The most beautiful trees in the world were not there, neither were the brightly coloured parrots sitting in those trees. No river graced by elegant swans and no schools of fish swimming in that river. No romping tigers and no curious horses. No […]

Organism of Bodies

Essay on Performing Gender Night

‘The group moved around each other and with each other organically, forming a constellation of bodies. Planets moving around their own core and the cores of each other.’ 

Words for dance, dancing words

Dance & Dare – Final essay

‘A modern form of physical being in the world is when you see people patting their trouser pocket for their mobile phone.’

System Error

Dance & Dare – Essay on Siri Loves Me

‘Sometimes I wish I knew for certain which steps to take and when to take them.’

Thin Line

Dance & Dare – Essay on Even Worse

‘If it happens accidentally, we call it falling.
If intended, we call it dance.’

For Nico

Dance & Dare – The beginning

‘You describe wild dancing, cowboy-style. Bowls of snacks and glass-topped tables people fall through.’