KOMMA #30 and #31

Jorg van den Keiboom & Nuno Silva

From October 28th to December 10th, the multidisciplinary video installation by Kristel van Issum, Han Stubbe, and Martin Kers will be on display at Park Tilburg.

In addition to viewing the video installation, various activities are planned, such as KOMMA. In KOMMA, artists are invited to react to the work on display. The next KOMMA event is scheduled for December 9th. On this afternoon, Jorg van den Kieboom (director/writer) and Nuno Silva (saxophonist) will respond to #Catalog of Shadows II.

Jorg van den Kieboom (1990) graduated with honors from the Academy for Theater in Tilburg in 2014. Since then, he has focused on creating theater and writing (theater) texts. In his work, he enjoys exploring the (lightly) absurd because estrangement can sharpen the content and say something about reality. Moreover, we live in reality all day long. Click here for more information.

Nuno Silva is an eclectic saxophonist, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. Born and raised in Portugal and now residing in the Netherlands for 6 years. He focuses on new interdisciplinary creations, chamber music, and solo live electronic projects. Since the beginning of his musical activity, he has collaborated with various artists and creators to nurture and explore new avenues of expression. Click here for more information. On Saturday, December 9th, they will both present their interdisciplinary makers’ commentary.

Date: December 9th
Time: 3:30 PM (15.30)
Location: PARK, Wilhelminapark 53, 5041 ED Tilburg
Entrance: Free