Essay on emptiness

Part 1: Silence

What does it mean to be a human being in a time of pandemic, and can art provide alleviation?

Dancing in Your Shoes

Follow-up to Performing Gender

The DIYS project plan (2021-2023) was positively assessed in Brussels by the Creative Europe committee. DIYS can start this fall and focuses in a European context on developing new working methods in working with local communities.



With DANSJACHT we will celebrate on October 18 2020 winning back public space as the place where we interconnect. Read more on the new website.

Dance Films

Ready to Rent, Support an Artist

Watch our growing selection of thrilling and thoughtful dance films from southern choreographers and support these artists by doing so.

Studios for rent

Looking for a studio space? DansBrabant has two studios that we rent out for rehearsals, presentations, workshops and shoots. Read here more information per studio.

Positive advice

Of province and municipality

‘In the opinion of the Advisory Committee, DansBrabant provides an excellent basis for the growth and development of dance makers. Thanks to the strong choice of makers and the craftsmanship in talent development, DansBrabant contributes majorly to the forefront of the Dutch dance sector.’ We are very pleased with the wonderful advice that the BrabantStad […]

Internship Open Call

Media-/visual editing intern

We are looking for an editorial intern who wants to dive into the exciting archive of audio recordings of conversations and lyrics about stereotyping and pop culture with choreographer Kristel van Issum.


Cement, MF R’dam & Arnhem, Cinedans

Festival Cement – March 20 – 28, Cinedans March 25 – 29 & all nine editions of the Moving Futures Festival 2020 are cancelled. In line with the guide lines of the government at this point in time, all performances are cancelled for now until at least April 6. Of course this is very unfortunate, […]


Reference book 2019

Read the reference book of the International Choreographers Week 2019 here with columns, reports, participant quotes and Dance&Dare-essays! Sign up for 2020!

Motus Mori

Museum of the endangered movement

In 2019 and 2020 Katja Heitmann and her team are working together with arts-festivals and museums, creating a series of choreographic sculptures.

I’ll show you

Dance&Dare SummerSchool

‘All those eyes on her body. All those different eyes, with different thoughts, with different perceptions of looking, of seeing.’

Dance&Dare SummerSchool

To practice togetherness in public

‘I realise, small moments of togetherness have always moved me, especially when they happen between strangers. The way we form temporary units or collectives is very appealing to me.’

Dance&Dare SummerSchool

How I would explain the landscape opera to my grandfather

‘First I saw only one woman. She was wearing a green fisherman’s suit and green rubber boots. Her neck and arms were bare. The music changed to organ music.’

Human Beings

Essay on Performing Gender Night

I was at the theatre and found myself in a modern-day paradise. The most beautiful trees in the world were not there, neither were the brightly coloured parrots sitting in those trees. No river graced by elegant swans and no schools of fish swimming in that river. No romping tigers and no curious horses. No […]