New performance by The100Hands

In Show Me three female dance performers use their bodies, language and physical interaction to explore the do’s and don’ts around ‘looking, showing and being watched’ with an audience.

Motus Mori

Museum of the endangered movement

In 2019 and 2020 Katja Heitmann and her team are working together with arts-festivals and museums, creating a series of choreographic sculptures.

Artist of the Month

Freedom, independence & sovereignty

From this Spring onwards Jija Sohn expands the notion of performativity and performative space in a series of labs and residencies.

Open Call

Masterclass Karel Tuytschaever

The masterclass starts with watching Karels new work STRANGER and is organised within the framework of Love at first Sight #4 festival, Antwerp. Registrations will close on 28 June 2019.

Moving Futures Festival

Tour 2019

In 2019 we celebrate our 5-year anniversary with an extra extensive festivaltour. With performances, pop-ups, films, workshops and (after)talks you get the change to meet the makers of nowaday dance- and performance art from the Netherlands.

Human Beings

Essay on Performing Gender Night

I was at the theatre and found myself in a modern-day paradise. The most beautiful trees in the world were not there, neither were the brightly coloured parrots sitting in those trees. No river graced by elegant swans and no schools of fish swimming in that river. No romping tigers and no curious horses. No […]

Studios for rent

Looking for a studio space? DansBrabant has two studios that we rent out for rehearsals, presentations, workshops and shoots. Read here more information per studio.

Making Space Week

Dance & Dare essay

‘A walk through an ordinary neighbourhood, on an ordinary, but sunny day.’ An essay that was written and spoken out loud by Saskia de Haas at the closing day of the week on dance in public space.

I am my body

9th International Choreographers Week

See you next time at ICW 2020, March 7 – 11 in Tilburg!