Workshop by Karel Tuytschaever

Workshop: The body is the message, embodied presence in cinema
by Karel Tuytschaever

24 – 26 March in EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Three-day interdisciplinary research class by dancemaker and interdisciplinary doctoral researcher Karel Tuytschaever in collaboration with Cinedans, DansBrabant and KAA about embodiment in relation to lens-based media.

Set photo EASY TIGER by Karel Tuytschaever

As a maker, Karel is mesmerized by physicality and embodiment in the arts. Physicality in the context of the relationship a person has with their own body. Embodiment; how, as an artist, one uses one’s body to be part of, or come to the creation of a work. “I started making my own work because, as an actor/performer, I am too often merely a projection, a canvas in someone else’s plot or narrative-driven imagination. Informed by the embodied knowledge of what it can be to exist in an image, I arrived at a deeper elaboration of my working approach as a maker.”

In this research class, an interdisciplinary group of Belgian and Dutch students is invited to come together and share their interest in the theme of Embodiment in Cinema. Students from dance, drama and visual Dutch arts academies and post academic educational institutions are now invited to sign up.

The focus of the workshop lies on encounter, connectivity and practical exploration of the disciplines.

The starting point is Karel Tuytschaever’s film EASY TIGER.

The research class will include discussions, practical exercise and assignments.

The three days will be concluded with a presentation at Cinedans FEST ’23 in Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Workshop leaders:
Karel Tuytschaever, doctoral researcher, actor, maker and teacher at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp & Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Lothar Legon, director of photography EASY TIGER
Joery Erna, doctoral researcher, photographer and teacher at LUCA arts, Genk
Nienke Rooijakkers, artistic leader DansBrabant and dramaturg

About Karel Tuytschaever:
Trailer film:

Friday 24 March: 12:00 – 18.00 + evening: Film EASY TIGER in Eye
Saturday 25 March: 10.00 – 18.00

Sunday 26 March: 10.00 – 18:30 (including presentation)
The research class is free of charge, lunch will be provided.
Full attendance during the three days is mandatory.

Sign up before 30/01/23

We kindly ask to share a few lines on background and motivation, and whenever possible some visual examples of your work, by sending an e-mail to:
Should you have any questions, please also contact Hanne.

Mention: Name + date of birth + art institute

There will be a selection made from all the received applications. A short agreement will be sent to you after the confirmation of your selection.