Open Club with Ilja Geelen

Residence Makershuis Tilburg

There is always something going on at DansBrabant. Almost continuously, makers are working in the Witte Studio, in the Zwarte Studio and in the Club.

Ilja Geelen
Residence – 2 to 15 February
Open Club: 14 february




Picture by: Yassine Abouhamid @heystrangersfilm


When dancer/researcher Ilja Geelen moved to Tangier, northern Morocco, 1.5 years ago, her culture shock started. Since then she realizes every day how Dutch she is. But every time she comes home to Tilburg, something feels out of place. Ilja is looking for a way to express this torn feeling of loving two houses and feeling like a stranger in both at the same time.

As an anthropologist, she has made ‘field notes’ in both cities, intentionally and unintentionally, through all kinds of media. She recorded sounds, wrote reflections and created little dance phrases. During her residency at Makershuis Tilburg (in house at DansBrabant), she makes an attempt to fathom all ‘data’. For now, Ilja focuses on interweaving audio field recordings from both cities with everyday and abstract movement.

On February 14, we are organizing a moment at DansBrabant to show an intermediate phase in the research. Afterwards we invite you to discuss what you saw and the theme. Ilja hopes for feedback from a mix of dance connoisseurs and laymen, with and without a link to Morocco!

We would like to invite you to attend this. If you would like to be there, please let us know via this LINK.

Date: February 14
Time: Walk-in with soup: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Start: 7 p.m
Location: DansBrabant, Goudenregenstraat 15-06 Tilburg