Double Bill: Simon Bus & Alesya Dobysh

Portrait, Balder on Blue Floor & Dvoye

Double Bill:
Simon Bus & Balder Hansen – Portrait, Balder on Blue Floor
Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina – Dvoye

Simon Bus and Alesya Dobysh both come from an urban dance background. Deconstructing elements from house dance, breaking and other techniques they developed a unique movement language of their own. Elements from house dance, breaking and other dance techniques are deconstructed and fused into an idiosyncratic style.

Simon Bus & Balder Hansen – Portrait, Balder on Blue Floor
Simon Bus is fascinated by portraiture. Part of his ongoing work consists of movement portraits. Balder on Blue Floor, Simon made for and with young Norwegian dancer Balder Hansen. On a 2×2 floor, Balder struggles with his ability to balance and control his body. We see Balder teetering and stumbling, fighting to keep his equilibrium.

Balder on Blue Floor


Balder on Blue Floor is a sequel to Man on Orange Floor (’19), the solo Simon made as part of the CaDance Festival, and Polina on Yellow Floor (’22), which was made for and with dancer Polina Skarga, who fled from Ukraine. The starting point of these movement portraits is always a square coloured floor within which the dancer must move. Simon works with dancers who bear a resemblance to his movement language, often also coming from the urban scene.


Performance: Balder Hansen
Choreography: Simon Bus
Sound: Boris de Klerk
Supported by: PLAN Brabant, DansBrabant

Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina – Dvoye

In a constant negotiation of space, the connection between the two dancers keeps transforming. From light and airy footwork to dark fusion in exhaustion. From being trapped in each other’s shadows to exploding into liberation. From a challenging playground to an obsessive search for balance.


Choreography & performance: Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina
Sound: Max Frimout
Production: Corpo Maquina Society
Special thanks to: Merel Heering, Guillermo Miotto (dramaturgy advice),
UC Masters (Emoves).

1 april 20.30u – Kunstkapel (The Warp), Pr. Irenestraat 19, 1 hoog, 1077 WT Amsterdam Tickets
2 april 16.30u – De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63, 2562 GR Den Haag. Tickets