Residence Andreas Hannes


Sway Andreas Hannes – © Paulina Prokop OG


From May 18 – May 21, dancer/choreographer Andreas Hannes will work in-house at DansBrabant on his latest performance ‘SWAY,’ a self-danced, rhythmic and adventurous solo based on a commonly known movement: swaying. In this rhythmic and adventurous solo, Andreas Hannes aims to sway between landscapes, mythical tales, musical timelines and invented histories.

Andreas Hannes became known for his hopping practice ‘The City’ and ‘Tremble. He received the Moving Forward Trajectory 2018, the Young Artsupport Amsterdam 2019 and the BNG DansPrijs 2020. Inspired by this skipping practice, Andreas developed a new method of warping, where the body emerges in aerodynamic landscapes. He created pieces such as ‘Reverberated Emissions’ with the ensemble of ICK Dans Amsterdam and ‘Warping Soul’ with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst.

In 2022, Aerowaves 22 selected him as one of Europe’s twenty most promising young artists.