2017 – 2022

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From 2016 – talks
Spring 2017 – first collaboration for the completion of the performance 25Feet
Autumn 2017 – inflow into DansBrabant via PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant

The100Hands are Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj and Jasper Džuki Jelen. We started working together with them two years ago; two years in which they have succeeded progressively in communicating their baseline.

The 100Hands produce work that:
– encourages people to forge a connection with their body
– brings about encounters between a variety of bodies
– creates tangible and mental space for development, communication and reflection
– forms a crossover between dance, physical theatre, installation art and readings – usually involving conversation, discussion and/or workshops

Increasingly, their aim is to reconcile differences: challenge and negotiation. Whereas in the past they sought harmony, they now cite discord, differences of opinion and controversy as their baseline.

Our cooperation with The100Hands resulted from DansBrabant’s inherent interest in expanding modes of performance and presentation. Alternative methods clearly make dance accessible to new audiences and form one of the pillars of a future-proof dancing field. Our previous experience of Mojra and Jasper at work was within the scope of Making Space, a study project in public space performed together with Fontys Dance Academy. We were struck by the connection they forge with the dancers and the dedication and drive they communicate and realise in their complex work with partners. Their work helps provide an understanding of the importance of physical communication and encounters. More particularly, their creations use formats that each time bring us face to face with ourselves and others. They invite their audiences to play with the rules governing encounters. By integrating a variety of different reactions from the audience into their work, they keep it fresh, engaged, human and exciting.

The100Hands embody fresh enthusiasm and inspiration for contemporary dance. In their work, they draw parallels to areas including sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics and the environment. This is their way of making dance grow beyond itself while at the same time maintaining a concrete and palpable approach with both feet firmly on the ground. Their direct and personal angle inspires colleagues to come to Tilburg and attend activities such as the weekly open training sessions they organise in our studios. In addition, they develop strategies for building a community around their work. With their investigative orientation and by constantly sharing their work in a variety of forms, The100Hands contribute to creating a lively and audience-aware dance climate in Noord-Brabant and beyond.

For all our projects together with The100Hands check below at their Dutch DB page or visit their website.