Karel Tuytschaever

2019 – present

© DansBrabant, Renate Beense

From 2015 – talks
2017-2018 – cooperation in Makershuis Tilburg
January 2019 – entrant at DansBrabant

After a first encounter in 2015 during their work on the European project Redefining Public Space, Karel Tuytschaever and DansBrabant’s artistic leader Heleen Volman stayed in touch. At that time DansBrabant participated as Fontys Dance Academy’s field partner. In the 2017-2018 season they continued their discourse at Makershuis Tilburg, and this led to them working together in a multi-year project with DansBrabant.

Karel Tuytschaever graduated in Drama in 2007 at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp under the tutorship of Dora van der Groen. His background in both theatre and dance give Karel a fascination for text and body. The interaction between his creative work as a performer, his teaching and his work as a creative artist is vital to him. In 2015 Karel set up the BARRY platform from a desire to create an environment in which his hybrid work can be supported, produced and distributed. In addition to dance and acting performances, his oeuvre consists of installations, theatre scripts, publications and films. He is constantly seeking new cross-disciplinary forms and relationships.

Karel is fascinated by the workings of the body and by the chasm between the reality of that body and its creative representation. Karel uses BARRY to question the way bodies are regarded. How intimate can a body be if you share it with the rest of the world?

For each creation, BARRY departs from a different body theme and Karel explores that body using identity as a Leitmotiv. Intimacy is always the common denominator.

Karel Tuytschaever’s untiring and carefully substantiated quest into the body, physicality and embodiment underlie DansBrabant’s decision to work with him. He finds the right tone to unite the timeless given of a body with the very latest trends in creative representation. Karel’s curiosity about the interaction between different disciplines and the impact of a variety of forms of presentation and space extends the reach of the arts. His appetite for presenting his studies of the body in publications provides further inspiration. Karel is so generous in sharing his interest in observing and making others observe, that we actually see more with him. As a result of the dedication with which Karel Tuytschaever is developing his own signature and the readability of his work, DansBrabant looks forward to continuing this dialogue and hopes to enjoy many years of fruitful collaboration with him.

For all our projects together with Karel check below at his Dutch DB page or check his Platform BARRY.