Hilde Elbers

2014 – 2019

© Renate Beense

© Renate Beense

Hilde Elbers is known for her exciting performances in pieces by T.r.a.s.h., Conny Janssen, Itzak Galili and Constanza Macras. In between her busy schedule a dancer she’s been experimenting in choreography with pieces such as ‘Playstation’ (2008) with Jasper Dzuki Jelen and ‘Touch Down’ (2010) at Dansateliers. Not so long ago she decided to devote herself entirely to choreography. In a variety of configurations she investigates several qualities of movement – from improvisation | instant composing to a more enforced form wherein her focus is always on transformation, with the ultimate goal of reaching and visualising complete submission (for instance with Lea Martini).

The contrast between the freedom of improvisation and the restraints of a self-chosen form and structure, is a perfect example of Hilde’s work and inspiration. Hilde works and moves in extremes, seeking out conflict, in herself, in her performances, in her performers, her audiences, the human race and even the world. Wherever things are torn and friction is born, Hilde is right there in the middle of it. Now that we find ourselves in an age in which we realise the restrictions of linear systems and we are choking on an overload of information and communication, we must again learn to make contact, with ourselves and those around us. This is Hilde’s credo, and she strives to translate into movement the transgression and transformation needed for this process. Whether this be all in the different roles we’re expected to play as multi-tasking individuals, or the question whether we can cut loose from our continuous hastiness, Hilde turns all these issues into a physical need; a pure necessity. She combines her choreographic projects with her role as a teacher at Fontys and Codarts. In March 2013 she created ‘Out of line’ a piece for 20 dancers, at Codarts/DDO.

The link between Hilde and DansBrabant lies in geographical as well as substantive roots. Hilde’s roots lie in North-Brabant, where she studied at the Fontys Dance Academy, where she currently teaches, and where her orientation fits in well with the theatrical angles supported by DansBrabant – even though her history might not necessarily reflect this. This makes her an interesting choreographer. DansBrabant stimulates her to focus on investigating her personal themes and forms of expression, and to concentrate on concept development and further exploration of dance-idioms that express her ideas. Hilde reacts intuitively to the fast pace of developments in today’s society, and expresses a universal desire to truly connect with society in general. Investing in a choreographer of this stature, not only encourages Hilde Elbers herself, but also stimulates her personal choreographic growth, and increases her value to the local dance field in the south of the Netherlands. Her energy, her network and her vision on dance can serve as an inspiration to other performers and choreographers, and potentially to society in general.

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