Open Call


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For professionals and students in the arts interested in the performative power of improvisation in music, vocals, dance, theatre, circus, performance, spoken word...

WITH LIQUID LOFT composer Andreas Berger & dancer/choreographer Katharina Meves
THURSDAY 7th OF NOVEMBER 10.00-18.00 h
Public presentation 17.00 – 17.30 h

The practice of music, dance and movement improvisation received renewed interest in recent years. New generations of music, theater, circus and dance makers dedicate their curiosity to it. On the occasion of November Music 2019 we want to celebrate this revival of cross-pollinating exchanges on Brabant soil and cause an impulse. Based on the rich tradition of interdisciplinary improvisation techniques that shape their work, we have invited Katharina Meves and Andreas Berger from the Austrian company Liquid Loft. Together with a group of fifteen musicians and dance, theater, spoken word and circus performers, Katharina and Andreas will spend a whole day working on improvisation forms with which they also experiment within their own company. In adventurous sessions they guide you into a deeper understanding of the powers and qualities of improvisation and to a final and audience-shared improvisation at the end of the day.

Liquid Loft was founded in 2005 as an interdisciplinary company with as main focus the way in which visual media and the daily use of technology transform our perception and our bodies. Their idiosyncratic visual language and symbolism, the characteristic acoustic decors and their extraordinary dancers earned the company international recognition and prizes such as the Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale.

Hinthamerstraat 72-74
5211 MR  ‘s-Hertogenbosch
costs: free
application: Send your CV to
we’re looking for a 50/50 balance in dancers and musicians.
deadline: November 4th

Andreas Berger is a musician/composer who lives and works in Vienna. He studied Computer Music and Electronic Media at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and works in the fields of theatre, film and contemporary dance. Since 2001 he has published a number of compositions, a.o. “Music for Field Recordings” (2003) and “Aerial View of Model” (2006). He is a founding member of Liquid Loft and since 2005 responsible for music and sound conceptions for the Dance Company. Other collaborations include: Michaela Grill, Mara Mattuschka, Ralo Meyer, WR, manoa free university, Lars Stigler, FLAU a.o. He was awarded the prize for Composition and Performance in Space of Sound (2010 at the Theatre Festival Kontrapunkt); the award for Best Music in Short Film – International (2009, at the International Short Film Festival Hamburg) and the Golden Lion for the Best Performance (with Liquid Loft) at the Venice Biennale.

Katharina Meves was born in Germany, graduated from SEAD, Salzburg, and was a DanceWEB scholarship recipient in 2009. Since 2007, she is a steady member of Liquid Loft. Working as a dancer, performer and actress in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Katharina has been performing in creations by Georg Blaschke, Mara Mattuschka, Tino Sehgal, Lara Kugelmann, Ingo Reulecke, Lukas Matthaei, Ayat Najafi, der Lubricat Theatre Company, Louise Wagner, Christoph Winkler, Anna Malunat, Franz Rogowski, Andreas Bode, the T.r.a.s.h. Dance Company and Michael Portnoy. She has been starring in film productions directed by Martin Kers/Kristel van Issum, Moritz Majce and Sandra Man, Mara Mattuschka, Andreas Morell, Anno Saul and Ute Adamczewski.