Open Call: ICW 2018

International Choreographers Week

The International Choreographers Week is a platform for meeting and exchange. It offers choreographers from all over the world the opportunity to learn from each other and enrich themselves despite – or perhaps because of – their differing approaches. Over the five days, a program of workshops, readings, introductory visits, meetings, meals, presentations and discussions is offered. The core of this program will be formed by the workshops of the international operating dramaturge Guy Cools (author of the book In-Between Dance Cultures).

In this seventh edition, the central theme is ‘In Between Dance Cultures’. With reference to exemplary working practices, we will see how anthropological and socio-cultural aspects plays a role in the creation of dance and the way we view it, and we will discover as an exciting undercurrent, the various contemporary dramaturgical perspectives this gives rise to. We will meet the Dutch-Swiss choreographer Katja Grässli in an exchange with Malaysian choreographers and dancers, the Belgian-Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir who has thrown herself into a partnership with two Iranian dancers, and the American Johnny Lloyd who is at the cutting edge of urban and theatrical dance. What does an encounter with dance and choreographic practices in and from other cultures mean for your own practice as a choreographer? What aspects of yourself do you encounter? How do you expand your perspective? How do you find a balance between giving and taking?

The ICW revolves around dialogue, reflection, inspiration, confrontation and collaboration, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the participation of choreographers from all directions of the compass, there is constant interchange. Each participant is asked to share his or her craftsmanship and insights.

Theh week takes place in Tilburg, a town in the Netherlands where dance has a special place. The work will be done at various locations in the town, with Theater De NWE Vorst as the main location.

ICW is an activity of Tilburg Dansstad, a collaborative venture of various partners in Tilburg: DansBrabant, Fontys Dance Academy, De NWE Vorst, Theaters Tilburg and Factorium.

The fee for participating in the week is 250,-. The organisers of the ICW can help with finding inexpensive accomodation.

For more info and to apply send an e-mail to Deadline: December 13 2017.

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