Internship Open Call

Media-/visual editing intern

Kristel van Issum – Catalog of Shadows #1

About the project
Until 2017, Kristel van Issum was artistic director of the famous Tilburg dance performance collective T.r.a.s.h (“punk rock of dance”). For twenty years she made performances and performances for the theater and short dance films. After T.r.a.s.h. and in recent years, Kristel has made time and space to have many conversations with other artists, inspirators and co-creators, to go through her archive and to reshape her professional practice for the future.

Through self-reflection and a continuous dialogue with partner DansBrabant, Kristel has made plans for a practice in which art, life and learning increasingly coincide, in which the process of developing, exchanging, sharing and multiplying is the product, in which she works as transparently as possible and make its work processes transferable to and shareable with the public, students and colleagues.

Under the title DocumentSeries, Kristel has made a five-year plan that will shape her new way of working. It is a grid, a field of ideas, a continuous studio in which, in dialogue with previous work, she finds points of contact for further research and new projects. The first results were the film & performance installation Catalog of Shadows #1 around various images of women that premiered at Theater Festival Boulevard and the recent dance film THE SOLDIER about the stereotypes surrounding hero and anti-hero. The working methods vary from photo, film, live and spatial installations, short films, group studios, projections, motion research to clips, games and podcasts.

About the Internship
We are now diligently looking for an editorial intern who wants to dive into the exciting archive of audio recordings of conversations and lyrics about stereotyping and pop culture, together with the artist, a dramaturg and the DansBrabant team.

An enthusiastic and structured researcher at HBO+ level with a great interest in art and culture, who can select and select and who wants to think with us about which material is suitable to present online.

Together with you and a web designer and builder, we work towards a digital archive of artistic creative processes in text, visuals and audio, in which the visitor can take a thorough look at the hybrid maker’s practice of one of the most idiosyncratic artists in the Netherlands.

Period of time
The internship runs from mid-August to mid-December. On average 2 days a week. The monthly fee is € 100. The call closes at July 12. You can respond by sending a short motivation and CV to Dirk Verhoeven, communication DansBrabant,