DansBrabant invites

Adventurous dance from Germany, Belgium and Canada in Tilburg

Wednesday September 25 & Thursday September 26 in De Nieuwe Vorst
FHK 50% discount – Tickets for students 8,50

Three years ago, the German CocoonDance converted the stage of De Nieuwe Vorst into a dark Berlin nightclub with their mesmerizing male trio Momentum. Recovered from this blow to the face DansBrabant on Wednesday September 25 brings the company back to Tilburg for a new power surge in an equally adventurous German-Canadian diptych in which now the women take charge. On Thursday 26 September, the Flemish artist Karel Tuytschaever explores various ideas about the man in dance and film in the Dutch première of STRANGER.

CocoonDance (DE) – Vis Motrix

In its production VIS MOTRIX, the ensemble of the CocoonDance Company creates some strange as well as fascinating beings. The dancers seem to come from another world, they move through space and merge into an organism, a mixture of human being and machine, creating a hypnotic power that one can not escape. What is the driving force, the soul (Vis Motrix) behind the movements of these hybrid beings? CocoonDance continues with this production its research of the “unthought” body: transhumanism as a traumatic round dance that does not leave our unconsciousness untouched.

Mandoline Hybride (CAN) –  Singeries
Two women try to stay true to themselves. Trapped in the middle of a videographic fresco in which their image is multiplied and shattered, they ape and compulsively replay their own image so that they don’t completely dissolve. However, their hopes are poorly aligned with their destiny as they are continuously ahead or behind themselves. In close succession, the presence of key women comes to their rescue (Marguerite Duras, Chantal Akerman, Martha Rosler, Amy Greenfield, Maya Deren, Lygia Clark), but their murmurings eventually recede into the distance. You may call this subterfuge.

Karel Tuytschaever/Platform BARRY (BE) – STRANGER (Dutch première)

From one male body, Karel explores in STRANGER – a coproduction of DansBrabant & C-TAKT – different concepts on the man.

The performance connects dance with film and shows different perspectives on male physicality.
What man are you? What man do you want to be?

STRANGER zooms in and out with our largest organ, the skin, as the only filter. The skin that breathes, makes contact and is the closest connection between yourself and the other.

Karel Tuytschaever works in a long-term partnership with DansBrabant.