Artist of the Month

Freedom, independence & sovereignty

© DansBrabant, Renate Beense

Lands of Concerts, Jija Sohn‘s work over the coming years, will involve a series of labs and residencies, collaborating with performance and visual artist Andrea Folache, actress/singer Lucy Wilke and costume and stage designer Rosemary Allaert to expand the notion of performativity and performative space. Together they work to achieve an energetic union to counter the indifferent magnification of inequalities and idle exoticism. ‘What is imagination essentially, and what is creativity?’ they ask themselves. ‘How can we make room for both of these in our rehearsals and performances, and in our daily lives? And what are the conditions for regaining the state where imagination is the instrument of freedom, independence and sovereignty for all?’

From March 18 to 27, Jija worked with her team in the DansBrabant studios. A residency at Tanzhaus Zurich (CH) followed in April and a residency at Theaterfestival Boulevard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch starts in May. Visit a studiopresentation of Lands of Concerts this Summer at Boulevard festival, August 7 – 9.

We have been talking to Jija since 2016 and there was a first collaboration in Moving Forward. In 2017 and 2018 at the invitation of Theaterfestival Boulevard and DansBrabant Jija participated in Performing Gender Dance Makes Differences, a European project on dance, gender and activism. From autumn 2018 Jija will join DansBrabant via PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant. Read more about Jija here and on the collaboration with DansBrabant.

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